Simone Wright

Simone Wright is an Internationally collected, award winning artist who has been creating dramatically beautiful and uniquely original works for the worlds most sophisticated and discriminating clientele for over 25 years. Her innovative approach to creating art work that captures the imagination and defines luxury has made her a globally respected and highly sought after contributor to private, personal and corporate collections.

Painting and drawing since childhood and being captivated by nature at an early age, Simone has developed her eye for profound detail on Safari in Africa, back packing in Alaska and Puerto Rico, mountain climbing in Wyoming, stargazing in California and sculpting in Italy. 

In her early career Simone discovered a niche in the Fine Art market and developed her own proprietary techniques of hand painting on ceramic that had never been seen before. Embracing a perfectionists eye for detail and elegance, Simone’s award winning, ‘Fine Art Ceramics’ have gone on to become the highest selling work of their kind in the world.

Her latest ‘Starscape’ paintings, inspired by the imagery from the Hubble telescope, have captured the attention and imagination of collectors and designers around the globe.  Rich with depth, dimension and detail, these new pieces have expanded her work into new realm of creativity, scope and vision.

Simone’s artwork has been featured in prestigious magazines such as The Robb Report and been presented in galleries in California, Arizona, Wyoming, Oregon, Florida, New York and Canada.

Simone is also an internationally respected authority on Intuition and Creativity and has authored 3 books, is a regular writing contributor to The Huffington Post, Mother Magazine, and others and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. Her books, teaching and writing can be found at

She makes her home in Los Angeles with her dog Lily.

Clients:  Robb Report Magazine, MGM Grand Casino, The Mirage Casino, Oceana Resorts, Seigfried & Roy
Industry:  Private, Corporate, Casino, High End Interior Design