Simone is grateful to have hundreds of collectors from all over the world ~ below is a selection of a few of her appreciative clients:

The MGM Hotel and Casino ~ Las Vegas, NV

The Mirage Hotel and Casino ~ Las Vegas, NV

Siegfried and Roy ~ The Mirage Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Robb Report Magazine ~ Malibu, CA

Oceana Resort and Spa ~ Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Mrs. Hal David ~ Beverly Hills, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Taupin ~ Beverly Hills, CA

Prof. Jurgen Weber ~ Frankfurt, Germany

Mr. I. Fiorenzi ~ Venice, Italy

Mr. M. Birriel ~ Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Ms. I. DeBurgen ~ Cape Town, South Africa

Sable Trail Productions ~ Chicago, IL

Mzuri Wildlife Foundation ~ Lafayette, CA

Mr. A. Robinson III – Austin, TX

Mr. and Mrs. P. Atwood ~ Green Valley, CA

Mrs. Patricia Brutten, San Diego, CA

Ms. C. Bianchi ~ Napa Valley, CA

Dr. R. Talley ~ Norman, OK

Mr. D. Hart ~ Los Angeles, CA

Mr. H. Stride ~ Chicago, IL

Mr. and Mrs. F. Daniels ~ El Paso, TX

Mr. and Mrs. D. Gaines ~ Connelly Springs, NC

Mr. and Mrs. W. Poole ~ San Diego, CA

Mr. and Mrs. S. Chancellor ~ Evansville, IN

Mr. and Mrs. J. Finch ~ Little Rock, AR

Mrs. R. Snider ~ Elk Grove, CA

Ms. D. Burris ~ Tuscon, AZ

Mr. W. Backman ~ Aurora, IL

Mr. and Mrs. M. Matheson ~ Sacramento, CA

Mr. and Mrs. D. West – Riverside, CA

Mr. P.J. Fetner ~ The Plains, VA

Mr. and Mrs. G. Anderson ~ Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. R. Menard ~ Lubbock, TX

Mr. D. Gacciaone ~ Gov’t of NWT ~ Norman Wells, NT, Canada

Mr. M. Watts ~ Chicago, IL

Mrs. C. Nesbitt ~ Calgary, AB, Canada

Mr. and Mrs. J. Eskin ~ Newton, NJ

Mr. and Mrs. J. Potter ~ Yorba Linda, CA

Ms. Terry Fincher ~ Napa Valley, CA

Dr. W. Nash ~ Alton, IL

Mr. B. Mizrahi ~ Los Angeles, CA

Mr. and Mrs. M. Metzger ~ Miamisburg, OH

Mrs. T. Herbert ~ Lafayette, LA

Mr. Jerry Maahs ~ Menomonee Falls, WI

Mr. and Mrs. S. Mills Jr. ~ Brainerd, MN

Ms. A. Lakeman ~ Sweetwater, GA

Ms. B. Nelson ~ Honolulu, HI

Mr. L. Foght ~ El Paso, TX

Ms. H. Brooks ~ Camden, SC

Mr. and Mrs. J Crawford ~ Raliegh, NC

Mr. W. Cowden, Jr – Midland, TX

Mr. R. Mizrahi ~ Los Angeles, CA

Mr. W. Fronterhouse ~ Fairbanks, AK

Mrs. M. Carr ~ Boise, ID

Mr. F. Rich ~ Portland, TX

Mr. R. Dean ~ Houston, TX

Ms. T. Smith ~ Anchorage, AK

Mr. and Mrs. G. Bailey ~ Hot Springs, VA

Mrs. H. Bookstein ~ Encino, CA

Mr. C. Mills ~ Appleton, WI

Mr. and Mrs. B Funk ~ Oklahoma City, OK

Ms. C. Laventhol ~ San Diego, CA

Ms. B. Blackmore ~ Maui, HI