On my first visit to Tanzania, we were escorted out of the Ngorongoro Crater by a huge Bull elephant. He walked with us for about a mile as we drove up the dusty road to the rim of the crater, stopping just short of the top, he turned then slowly returned to his grazing below. There is nothing more soul stirring than being face to face with one of these giants. It was difficult to take photos, because of the tears and adrenaline.This gorgeous vase captures the power of such an encounter.

This vase features a trio of 3 BULL ELEPHANTS in intricate detail, encircling the vase. Rich with texture, depth and emotion, this gorgeous hand painted piece captures the heart, soul and size of one of Africa’s most powerful and dynamic animals.

California Style

16.5 inches tall x 10 inches wide



Deluxe Style

30 inches tall x 18 inches wide



** Both Available in Matte or Glossy finish

Please contact me to purchase or for further information.